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ZA010499831033EPA Tier II Info: Forklift Battery Sulfuric Acid Content

How many gallons of Sulfuric Acid are in your battery

          Listing of lead and acid levels contained in forklift batteries.

          Amounts are listed by model, and cover our most popular sizes.

ZA010499831033Battery Charger Wiring Diagrams

          Wiring diagrams and schematics; how to change the AC voltage settings.

          Trouble shooting information.


ZA010499831033Proper Battery Care

          How to properly charge and maintain your industrial batteries.

          Printable version / PDF.


ZA010499831033Forklift Battery Size Charts

          Look up the proper battery for your forklift.

          Compartment / Battery dimensions, minimum weights, cable lengths and plug types.

          Requires Microsoft Excel, or download Excel Viewer HERE.


ZA010499831033Battery Prices, Dimensions and Specs

Complete specifications for stock sizes.

Custom sizes available.

Battery Dimensions in 3 Formats:

Requires Microsoft Excel, or download Excel Viewer HERE.

SAE / Inches Decimal (example: 38.13)

SAE / Inches Fraction (example: 38 1/8)

METRIC (example: 968.38mm)

ZA010499831033Solar Battery Capacity Calculator

For Solar / Off Grid Applications

Calculates capacities up to 24hrs:

          AH range.

          KWH range.

          Continuous current range.

          Requires Microsoft Excel, or download Excel Viewer HERE.

ZA010499831033AH Ratings - Converting 6HR rate to 20HR

          Definition AH Capacity.

          Converting 6hr to 20hr.

          Definition 80% Capacity.

ZA010499831033Hydrogen Gas Emission / Ventilation Requirements

          Calculate Hydrogen Concentration.

          Calculate Room Volume.

          Determine Ventilation Requirements.

          Determine Fan Requirement.

          Forced Ventilation.

          Hydrogen Gas Detector.

ZA010499831033Warranty Statements

          Printable Version.

          New and reconditioned batteries.

          Charger warranties - 10 years (page coming soon)

ZA010499831033MSDS Sheets

          Material Safety Data Sheets, required by OSHA.

          Printable: Must be posted in charging areas.

ZA010499831033How to install your new forklift battery

          Photos, tips and more.

          Not recommended for the novice.

          We also offer professional on-site installation for a nominal fee.

ZA010499831033Receiving your Order

          Inspecting product or parts orders for carrier abuse upon arrival.

          What to look for before accepting your order.

          How to report carrier damage / file a freight claim.

ZA010499831033Credit Application

          Printable version.

          Fill out and fax in to set up a Net 30 account.

          Not required if you can provide a list of basic credit references.



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For customers that do not use Microsoft Office

Word Viewer 2003

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PowerPoint Viewer 2007

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